Washing Softener Crystals

Washing Softener Crystals

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Washing Softener Crystals

What are Washing  Softener Crystals?

They are tiny scented crystals of sustainable fabric softener that will have you looking forward to wash day.

How do Washing Crystals work?

They are salt based. Salt is a natural fabric softener which softens the water while relaxing the fibres of your clothes allowing your chosen scent to penetrate and remain after the wash cycle has finished.

 Why Choose Washing Crystals?

- no nasty chemical build up on your clothes or in your washing machine

- septic friendly

- beautiful fragrances to choose from

- sets the dye for colours, so no more runs

- coloured clothing stays vibrant for longer - reduces grey whites

- softens fabric reducing the need for ironing

- no silicones or nasties 

- grey water safe